YOUR FIRST VISIT may take up to 2  hours and is structured to provide you with an indepth analysis of your problem.  You will meet Dr. Gottlieb for a consultation.  He will spend as much time as necessary with you to understand your problem.  He will do a thorough physical examination focusing on your ears, nose, throat and lungs.  Allergy skin testing may also be helpful (*see below).  Lastly, Dr. Gottlieb will review your evaluation with you, providing you with a specific treatment plan.
Allergy Skin Testing:  Skin tests can tell us which of many possible things are causing your problem.  The skin tests are tiny pinpricks on the top of your skin of the upper arm.  If you react to any of these skin tests with itching and redness, you are allergic to that substance. If you inhale or eat that substance, you will have an allergic reaction.  If allergy skin testing is indicated, the fewest tests that are needed will be done (usually less than 20 tests).  You will know the results the same day.

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